Public outreach

Rendez-vous Forschung: a scientist-public speed-dating event

Wednesday Feb 1st, Hauptgebaude 18:00-20:30. Register here.

Scientific conferences are a great way for us to share our research with each other. Why not take this opportunity to share your passion for your subject with the general public?  After the success of the scientist speed-dating event at Biology ‘16, we are bringing this event to Bern this year.

Are you a German speaking scientist? Then join our public-scientist speed-dating event!

We are organising a scientist-public speed-dating event on Wednesday February 1st, near (but separate to) the welcome reception.

As the conference is in Bern, the language of the event is German.

What is a science-public speed-dating event?

A scientist waits at a table and is joined by up to three members of the general public. Like in a true speed-dating event, every 10 minutes, a bell rings and the public moves from one table to the next. The idea is that at the end the participants will have heard about a diversity of topics covered at the biology17 meeting.

How much preparation work do I need to do?

Very little! Just have a couple of sentences ready to introduce yourself! It is good if you can bring pictures about what you do on a tablet, or something else that you can show (e.g. plants, flies, samples, short videos or anything that can help you explain your work).

This is a great opportunity to exchange with the public about your science and improve your general science communication skills! Interested? Then register here.

To find out more on why outreach is important, see here.

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Organisers: Tania Jenkins, Deborah Schäfer, Joana Meier, Noémie Pichon, Maria Felipe-Lucia