Talk/poster instructions


Time slots for contributed talks are 15 minutes in length, thus maximum 10-12 minutes for your presentation and 3-5 minutes for questions. We would be glad if you could ensure that you do not exceed12 min for your talk, as we feel it is very important that the audience can ask questions and that all sessions remain on schedule.


Poster dimensions should be 84 x 119 cm (A0, portrait format). The posters should be put in place before the first set of “Talk Sessions”, i.e. Thursday before 9 o’clock. Posters will be displayed for the whole conference.

Once your talk or poster has been accepted by the scientific committee, a personal email will be sent to you with further information.

Flash talks

We will offer the authors of 20 posters the opportunity to briefly advertise their poster in the form of a flash talk.

If you have been selected for a Flash talks we will ask you to:

1. Prepare a standard poster following the instructions

2. Prepare a 1 slide presentation (you can use animations on your slide if needed) that you will present during the dedicated slot (check the detailed program). Your presentation will be 2 minutes in length only!

Presenting a flash talk provides you with the unique chance to attract the attention of a large number of participants to visit your poster (at the same place as standard posters).